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The Win/Win Formula for
Publishing, Marketing and Selling your Books.


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— the win/win formula for
publishing, marketing and selling your books.

Just like DVDs replaced VHS, this innovative new system makes yesterday's book printing options obsolete!

Forget traditional publishing. You give up your rights and, in turn, experience a slow, cumbersome process that often leaves you with hundreds of books piled up in the garage!

Forget self-publishing. The upfront costs are considerable, you’re committed to minimum book orders, and the marketing’s still left to you!

By using Library 24x7’s revolutionary new approach to book publishing, you can …

  • Retain all the rights to your material – now and in the future.
  • Print your book with no minimum order – one or thousands!
  • Market your book in both print and digital formats.
  • Enjoy rent and sale revenues through our totally protected digital library system.
  • Guarantee your security against unauthorized copies and downloads.

And that’s only the beginning! 
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  • Your privacy is important to us. We will not sell or share your information.

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